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● Single users or Two users

● Maximum range of communication : 100 yards

● Full duplex communication

● Rider to passenger communication by using a separate unit

● Bluetooth features with remote control (AVRCP)

● Wirelessly answer phone calls and listen to music

● Wirelessly listen to navigation voice direction

● Water resistance casing




● Intercom range : 100 yards (328feet)

● Maximum speed of operation : 120km/h (70 miles/h)

● Power supply pack : Poly-Li, 500mAh rechargeable

● Current drain transmitter : (1W); 1000mA

● Battery life for Intercom : 8 hours talk time, 200 hours of standby time

● Battery life for Bluetooth devices : 9 hours talk time on phone, 10 hours of Music

● Operating temperature : -20C ~ +60C


Product Details


● Dimension : 75(W) x 36(H) x 20(D) mm

● Weight 2 oz (With battery)



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